Mexico Vacation

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, there are a number of important factors that you should first consider and prepare for. These factors are considered safety precautions. Traveling to Mexico is fun, but it can be also dangerous, especially if you don't know what to do or how to protect yourself.

Preparing for Your Trip to Mexico

Preparation is the key to your safety when visiting Mexico.  You should begin your vacation with a careful and well thought-out plan.  Your plan should include your budget, where you will be staying, as well as important information and contact numbers in case there is an emergency.  

You should be current with your immunizations before leaving the country and follow all safety precautions while in Mexico.  You should also register with the United States Embassy and make sure that you leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member, close friend, co-worker, or neighbor.  You may also want to consider registering with the United States Travel Registration, for added convenience. This can easily be done over the internet.  This is an important precaution to take.  It helps to notify the United States Government that you are leaving the country.  By taking necessary precautions and planning your trip efficiently, you can ensure that your vacation will be what you expected, it will also help to eliminate the chances of a problem occurring.

Staying up to date on current events in Mexico is very important to timing your trip.  You should begin watching the news and plan your trip based on what you see.  If there are internal conflicts within the Mexican government, you may want to delay your trip for a period of time.  You should also learn as much as you can about the country before you embark on your journey.  Finding out the country's weather and climate is extremely important to planning the perfect trip.  Traveling to Mexico during hurricane season can put a damper on your vacation, so make sure that you keep this in mind when planning your Mexico vacation.

Before leaving, you are encouraged to find out as much information about the location of your trip, the culture, and customs.  Another important step to take when preparing for your trip to Mexico is to check with the Consular Information Sheets.  Consular Information Sheets are valuable resources that all tourists should examine.  It will provide you with information that will give you all of the details that are applicable to traveling in Mexico.  The sheets will give you emergency contact information, and describe the current conditions within the country.  

The importance of your passport cannot be overlooked.  There are many places where your passport, along with other forms of identification will be needed.  You should make copies of your passport and your tickets and leave them with a close friend or relative.  In addition to your passport, you will also need other proper forms of identification. This identification most often is picture identification.

You will want to review your health insurance policy before you leave the country.  Certain medical insurance programs will not provide services outside of the United States.  If you become ill outside of the country and are not covered, you will be responsible for any bills that result.  Some medical insurance policies will provide coverage for those outside of the country, but you should verify with your provider before your trip.  If you travel frequently, it may be beneficial to add additional coverage to your current policy.  

The above mention tips and precautions are just a few of the many that can help you have the perfect vacation in Mexico.  Properly preparing for your trip is the best way to prevent unnecessary problems from arising.

Visiting Mexico?  Don't Be a Victim to Crime

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, there are a number of important factors that you should first consider and prepare for. These factors are considered safety precautions.  Traveling to Mexico is fun, but it can be also dangerous, especially if you don't know what to do or how to protect yourself.

When visiting Mexico it is important to register with the United States Travel Registry to ensure that the government knows that you are leaving the country.  This is the first step to staying safe while in Mexico.  In the event that you become the victim of a crime, you will receive immediate government assistance.  When using the internet to register with the United States Travel Registry, be sure to leave a detailed itinerary of your plans on your computer.

You should also make sure that you leave information regarding your travel plans with a close friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor.  You are encouraged to make copies of your airline tickets, as well as your passport. You want to take a copy with you and leave another copy at home.  This will help verify your location if something should go awry.  You should also designate someone you know as your emergency contact.  

Use common sense in the hotels, on busses, or walking in the streets of Mexico.  Don't take taxicabs that you have just waved down on the streets.  Many crimes are being reported of people who haven't previously arranged for taxis.  You should also never carry large amounts of cash, flashy jewelry, or extra credit cards with you.  When you are a tourist, shady people will already notice you and single you out.  Be on the lookout for and avoid these individuals at all costs.  

If you think that you know all there is to Mexico you are most often wrong.  Public drinking is often shown in films as the norm, however this is a crime and you can be arrested for being intoxicated in public.  You should also use caution when drinking in nightclubs or bars during the evening hours.  People who wish to victimize tourists often drug them.  

You should always use caution, no matter where you are. Despite being cautionary at all times, you should also use caution when traveling by bus and other forms of public transportation.  You should always stay alert during nighttime travel and while traveling during busy bus hours.  It is becoming more common for tourists to be mugged while riding on the busses in Mexico.  The busses where these crimes are taking place are often the cheapest forms of travel.  You may want to ride first class and have someone that you know and trust with you.

If you need help while in Mexico you should contact the United States Embassy.  There is also a twenty-four hour hotline for the Mexican Ministry of Tourism.  There is also a Mexican version of 911; it is 060 for Mexico City, and 066 for other areas of Mexico.  This will put you in contact with Mexican officials immediately.  There is also a Mexican Red Cross that will help if you are injured and need medical help.  The Red Cross is free of charge and they will provide basic medical attention.  

The above mentioned precautionary measures and important phone number are just a few of the many that you should know.  Despite what you believe, staying safe while on vacation in Mexico shouldn't begin as soon as you arrive.  You should start taking precautionary measures before you leave for your vacation.

Check the Weather First!

If you are planning a romantic cruise, wedding, or family vacation to Mexico, you will want to make sure that your trip isn't overshadowed by torrential rains, storms, or even a hurricane.  To plan your vacation, you should follow the local news for both current events and the weather.  Planning your trip, according to the weather, will ensure that you will have a wonderful vacation that includes sun filled days.   Below is an overview of some of the average temperatures and weather for the top Mexico vacation destinations.

The average climate for Acapulco is between 80-82í Fahrenheit. The highs run from 87-90 degrees and the lows are between 70-75í.  The hottest months are from May to September, with the coolest months being from December to April.  Rainfall can range from very little to a large amount.  From December to May there is very little rainfall.  However, from May to September, rainfall can reach oven 10 inches.  The month of the heaviest rainfall is September; this is also the time of year when the hurricane risk is high. If you do not want to experience heavy rainfalls, you are urged to vacation during the months December to May. These months will ensure that your vacation will be a relatively dry one.  

Cancun is a beautiful island to visit and its average temperature ranges from the mid 70s to the mid 80s.  A bit cooler than Acapulco, Cancun's coldest months are between December and May and the temperatures run from 74í-82í.  The warmer temperatures occur from May to November and temperatures rise from the low 80s up to roughly 90 degrees.  Rainfall is more abundant year round, but is not as much rain as seen in Acapulco.  From December to May, rainfall averages between 1 Ω inches to 4 Ω inches.  The summer months may see as much as 9 inches of rainfall.  Cancun will experience less dry months than Acapulco, but you won't experience as many torrential rainstorms either.

Cozumel has a very steady climate with lows ranging in the high 60s and the highs ranging between 82-87 degrees   The warmest month of the year is August and coldest is in December.  From December until March, you may experience cool weather in Cozumel.  

Many say that Los Cabos feels like the desert with dry heat.  Humidity is rare and so are torrential rainstorms and downpours.  However, the ocean will deliver a cool and refreshing breeze.  The warmest month of the year is July, when temperatures can reach 100í.  The coolest months are from January to May where the temperatures average between 51-66í.  The average lows during the hot summer months are between 73-75í.

Mazatlan is known for being one of the largest beaches that Mexico has to offer. The weather is typically warm and beautiful, however during the summer months it can become very hot and humid.  The warmest month is August, where temperatures can reach a high of 90í.  The coolest temperatures are between the months of December to May, and the averages temperature is round 60í.

Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains.  This tropical climate is host to a heavy rain season from June to October.  The high temperatures during these months range from the high 80s ñ mid 90s.  The temperature is very steady year round; however, Puerto Vallarta is known for its large amount of nighttime rains.

While it may be difficult to keep track of the varying weather conditions in Mexico, it is advised that you do.  Unfortunately, many vacationers believe that Mexico is warm and sunny all year long.  This is simply not true.  By knowing what the weather will be like, you can easily plan and prepare for you vacation in Mexico.

Staying Safe While Vacationing in Mexico

Taking precaution for your safety is the best way to prevent a tragedy from occurring while vacationing in Mexico.  By taking the time to familiarize yourself with safety precautions, you should be able to have a safe and enjoyable vacation while in Mexico.

When traveling, it is important to make sure that you do not bring large amounts of cash, excess credit cards, or flashy jewelry with you.  You will already draw attention to yourself, just because you are a tourist; don't draw additional attention to yourself by flashing large amounts of cash when out on the town.  There are many people who are looking for unsuspecting targets.  You need to protect yourself from those who are out to rob or hurt you.  Use common sense and behave wisely while in Mexico. Doing so will likely lower your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Though it is very important to make sure that you are using good judgment and common sense to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a crime, it is also important to make sure that you protect yourself physically while in Mexico as well.  One way to prevent an illness is to watch what you are drinking.  When you are traveling to Mexico, be sure to only drink bottled water.  The water found in the United States is different than the water found in Mexico.  To protect yourself and prevent any serious illnesses, you urged to only drink bottled water.  

Along with water, you should also make sure that you use safety precautions with the food that you eat.  If you are staying in a hotel resort or taking a cruise, your food will most likely be covered with your package.  These foods are deemed safe.  However, there are times that you may want to take advantage of the local food.  When doing so, you should practice safe handling instructions for food, like you do back home.  Take the time to thoroughly clean fruits and vegetables before eating them.  If you are going to eat dairy products from the locals, there is a good possibility that the products are non-pasteurized.  This means that you should always use caution when choosing what foods you eat in Mexico.  

Health insurance is another important factor to consider when you are visiting Mexico.  If you become sick or injured, you will need to know if your insurance will cover the costs of your healthcare.  Not all health insurance companies provide coverage to those vacationing in Mexico. You are advised to check with your individual insurance carrier to see if you will be covered while in Mexico.  If not, it may be possible that you can add additional coverage to your policy.  You can also purchase temporary health insurance that will cover you while you are on vacation.  Whatever health insurance method you choose, make sure that you take care of your health insurance needs before you embark on your journey.

When vacationing in Mexico, it is always important to remember that things are not the same they may be back at your home.  To stay safe, on a number of different levels, you are encouraged to keep the above mentioned precautions in mind.  For additional information on staying healthy in Mexico, you may want to speak with your family physician.  When dealing with your health, it is better to take extra precautions than no precautions at all.

Shopping in Mexico: Tips for Travelers

Mexico is a wonderful place to visit and is known for its wonderful resorts, beaches, and rich history.  It is also known for great bargains and exquisite boutiques.  When visiting Mexico, many tourists are excited to browse through the various shopping centers.  

When shopping in Mexico, it is important to understand that there are strict rules that are enforced regarding the purchases that can be made in Mexico, as well as what can be brought back in to the United States.  Before you leave, it may be wise to review the United States Customs and Border Protection rules. These rules will let you know what you can purchase in Mexico and bring home with you.

Endangered species are not allowed to be purchased and brought back into the United States.  Since Mexico has such a wide range of wildlife, there are many products that are available for sale there. Many of these products are considered illegal and will be taken by United States Customs and Border Patrol.  You may be given a fine if you purchase these items and try to bring them over the border; however, additional action may be taken.  When it doubt you are encouraged to stay away from wild animals that are for sale. In addition to the animals themselves, you should be wary of goods that may have been made by these animals.    

Crocodiles are on the endangered species list.  Though it may seem enticing to have a new pair of Crocodile boots or a purse, you should avoid these items at all costs.  You will find that the government takes these violations seriously.  They will make routine checks at inspection points looking for any items that are deemed endangered.  Stuffed wildlife is also forbidden, so if you see any of these and they look appealing, resist the urge to purchase them and leave them be.  

Mexican birds are colorful and exotic.  For those who deal with live trade, it may seem that purchasing exotic parrots from Mexico is a wonderful idea, but you need to think again.  Purchasing birds from Mexico is also considered violation.  To remain on the safe side, you should avoid purchasing any wildlife or wildlife products.  Even stuffed birds are against the law.  Even you may see these in abundance at shops and street markets, do your homework, and pass them up.  There are many other wonderful souvenirs that you can purchase that are legal and will pass through the border.

Antiquities and glazed ceramics are beautiful and appealing to many tourists.  Yet, Mexico considers their antiques to be property of the government.  This means that if you uncover any artifacts and try to bring them back to the United States, you will be prosecuted for theft and maybe even face additional charges.  It is best to leave any authentic looking artifacts in Mexico where they belong.

Glazed ceramics look beautiful and may be a wonderful addition to your home dÈcor.  However, many of the ceramics made and found in Mexico are made with lead.  It is for this reason that you should avoid purchasing glazed ceramics from Mexico.  If you do make the purchase, you need to make sure that everyone in your household is aware of the potential dangers.

While it may seem as if you are prohibited from purchasing many items sold in Mexican shops, there are additional items that you can purchase. When shopping in Mexico it is important that you follow all rules and regulations. Staying on the safe side will ensure that you can enjoy you Mexico vacation without any complications.

Family Resorts in Mexico

Vacationing with your family in Mexico offers many benefits.  Though many cities are associated with constant partying, there are also many activities that are designed for young children and teenagers.  Many children receive discounts at many popular tourist attractions.  Selecting an all-inclusive vacation package for the whole family is one of the best ways for everyone to enjoy their vacation in Mexico, without having to worry about the cost.

If you are interested in visiting Mexico with your family, you will want to examine some of the many attractions that are specifically geared towards children. These attractions and activities are ideal for making the most out of your family vacation.  Below is a summary of just a few of the many attractions and resorts that you may find exciting in Mexico.  For additional information, you are encouraged to contact your local travel agent or use the internet to guide you in your search.

Located on the Mayan Riviera is the Xcaret Theme Park.  The Xcaret Theme Park is a wonderful attraction for those who are looking for a family resort.  Located in Cancun, Mexico, the Xcaret Theme Park is a theme park that is often compared to Disney World or Disneyland.  Similar to Disneyland and Disney World, you can expect to enjoy a fun filled day at Xcaret, thanks to amazing rides and attractions.

A deep underground river is a popular feature of the Xcaret Theme Park.  You and your family can see plenty of beautiful tropical plants as you enjoy the river.  Xcaret is also host to many wild and exotic animals.  There is a butterfly pavilion, a coral reef aquarium, and you are given the chance to swim dolphins.  Many children, as well as adults, will be thrilled with this theme park.  In addition to the Xcaret Theme Park, Cancun offers many family friendly resorts.  To find a luxury resort that offers family oriented activities you may want to check on the internet or speak with your local travel agent.  

Cozumel also offers many great attractions and activities that are designed for individuals of all ages, including children. Cozumel is ideal for family vacation, especially because it has one of the lowest crime rates in Mexico, as well as the world.  Cozumel is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs.  This often creates an incredible adventure and learning experience for children.  If your children will enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling, then you will want to plan a trip to Cozumel.  

With so many options for families, choosing a Mexican all-inclusive vacation is a great idea. The vacation package will also include items such as snacks, drinks, meals, as well as hotel accommodations and airfare.  Teaching children about various cultures and customs and letting them view the Mayan ruins first hand is an amazing lesson in geography and history. While education is nice, the above mentioned locations do not completely just focus on it. There are so many fun filled activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, hiking, fishing, sailing, and parasailing. These activities are great for families with active children.

In addition to the above mentioned popular Mexican destinations are that are designed for the whole family, you may want to consider additional sights and attractions.  Mexico has so much to offer you and your family. In fact, you and your family may wish that you could stay in longer.

Creating a Travel Plan for Your Mexico Vacation

Planning is key to enjoying a great vacation when visiting Mexico.  Taking the time to plan your trip ahead of time is the best way to enjoy your vacation.  Planning is not only needed to enjoy your vacation, but to stay within your budget, have access to entertainment, and have a backup plan should anything go awry.  

When creating a Mexico travel plan, it is advised that you include the cost of your trip, as well as your spending money.  If you are planning a family trip, you may want to let your children participate in the plan by letting them decide where they'd like to go and what they'd like to see.  A Mexico travel plan is also important because it can and should be used to manage your time.  Careful planning can prevent burnout.  You are encouraged to make a list of the top destinations that you would like to see.  Be sure to include museums, beaches, historical landmarks, and anything else that peaks your interest.  

Planning your budget will help prevent spending on an impulse.  You will find that there are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs in Mexico.  With a preplanned budget, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of Mexican shopping. You can easily use calculators to determine the exchange rate between the United States and Mexico.  Taking the exchange rate into consideration is the best way to effectively budget your money.  You should also plan for tipping when preparing your budget.  

If you decide to vacation at an all-inclusive resort, then the cost of airfare, hotel, and food will be provided for.  However, it is important to note that certain restrictions may apply.  At an all-inclusive resort, you will have to pay for the extras, so make sure that you include anything that you may to purchase.  Extra money should be set aside for shopping in the markets and traveling outside of your resort.  

Planning for your entertainment ahead of time will help to prevent overspending.  You should determine ahead of time what activities you would like to engage in.  Planning and budgeting for your Mexico vacation can be difficult, especially when it comes to entertainment.  You may find that you and your family will want to make a last minute stop.  This is why it is advised that you plan for unexpected stops and purchases.  If you have already set aside some money for an unexpected activity, you won't have to worry about the cost of a last minute decision.  

Finally, your plan should consist of contact information and an emergency back up plan.  Whenever you are visiting a foreign country, it is important that you create an itinerary with all of your information and the details of your trip. That itinerary should be left with a close friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker.  In addition, you should also register with the United States Embassy or Consulate offices when you arrive.  If anything happens while you are in Mexico, seeking the help of the U.S. Embassy or the nearest consulate office will provide the quickest and most effective assistance.  

Before leaving for Mexico, make sure that you have up-to-date passports for all family members, as well as other forms of identification. By creating a travel plan, sticking to your budget, and creating an emergency backup plan, you can ensure that you family will have a wonderful vacation in Mexico.

Top Tourist Sites in Mexico

The allure of Mexico has an appeal that crosses countries and borders.  Mexico is well-known for its fabulous resorts and luxurious beaches.  From white sand beaches to the mountains, Mexico is host to a wide range of natural wonders and breathtaking sights.  Mayan ruins, mountains, volcanoes, and a wide collection of tropical fish and sea life can be found in Mexico.  Mexico is home to some of the world's top tourist attractions.  Of these destinations, the top five Mexican tourist sites include Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cozumel.

Acapulco is rated as one of the top tourists attractions in Mexico.  It is also considered Mexico's largest beach resort.  It is home to some of the world's finest hotels, as well as many beautiful beaches.  Acapulco offers a wide range of activities such as snorkeling, fishing, golf, tennis, and scuba diving.   Boats trips are regular features of a trip to Acapulco.  Acapulco is also a great place for family vacations, as well as romantic getaways.  Many all-inclusive packages offer fun filled activities for couples and families, but at a descent price.  

Cancun is one of the world's most famous resort towns.  According to the town's history, a computer selected its location when the Mexican government was looking for the perfect location to build its newest resort.  Since then, Cancun has grown into a large community and one of the world's most popular vacation destinations.  When looking for a vacation spot, many individuals automatically consider vacationing in Cancun.  Cancun is most known for its nightlife; however, that is not all that Cancun is about.  With nearby Mayan ruins, you can incorporate education into your vacation.  

Puerto Vallarta is another popular Mexico tourist attraction.  It is considered a tropical paradise. As with Cancun, there are a large number of local historical sites.  The Sierra Madre Mountains are home to a number of guided tours.   While on these tours, you can easily spot exotic wildlife.  Fishing and scuba diving are perfect daytime activities to engage in.  Puerto Vallarta is also known for its nightlife. There are many bars, nightclubs, and discos.  Another popular and great feature of Puerto Vallarta is the fine shopping experience.  You will likely enjoy shopping at many high scale boutiques.  

Mazatlan is famous as being one of the worldís greatest fishing ports.  The waters are known as being the perfect debt and temperature for fishing.   Some of the other popular activities available in and around Mazatlan include surfing, tennis, golf, and fishing.  It is also known for the malecÛn.  The malecÛn is a long winding stretch that runs through nearly the entire city and covers roughly five miles of beach.  Another great feature of Mazatlan is a celebration that is similar to Mardi Gras.  It is held before Ash Wednesday and lasts for five days.  This event often involves fireworks, parades, dancing, and music.  

Cozumel or the Coral Island is Mexicoís most populated island.  It is a popular attraction for who love to go snorkeling or scuba diving. This is due to the beautiful coral reefs that can be found underwater.  Cozumel is the ideal vacation destination for those who wish to see the ocean at its finest.  

If you are interested in scheduling a vacation to Mexico, you will want to examine the top tourist sites mentioned above.  With an unlimited number of activities and unique events, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Mexico.

Understanding Mexican Laws While Vacationing in Mexico

Each year, millions of individuals travel to Mexico.  Many travel to Mexico for a vacation or a business trip. Whatever your reason for traveling to Mexico, there are a number of important things that you must consider.  Perhaps, the most important is the laws in Mexico.

Whether you are driving to Mexico or flying there, you will need to have the proper forms of identification.  Picture identification and proof of citizenship will be required.  To prove citizenship, a birth certificate or passport can be used.  Without the appropriate documents, you may be denied entry.

Before leaving for Mexico, it is advised that you make multiple copies of your identification documents.  You are encouraged to leave a copy at home and carry another copy with you, in addition to the original documents.  If you should have a problem with the Mexican authorities, these documents will come in handy.  

Out of all of the people that to travel to Mexico, most will not encounter a problem with authorities.  To prevent a problem from occurring, you are encouraged to know and understand some of the laws that are currently in place in Mexico.  Knowing and abiding by these laws will not only keep you safe, but it will make your vacation enjoyable.  

As with any country, Mexico has a large number of laws that are currently enforced. While it may be impossible for you to examine each and every one of these laws, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the most important ones.  For instance, many individuals believe that checking in at the boarder is all they have to when they arrive in Mexico.

If you are like most of the other individuals who visit Mexico, you are there on a vacation.  Arriving in Mexico by car is different than arriving there on an airplane. If you plan on driving yourself around Mexico, you will need to register your vehicle.  This can be done by obtaining a vehicle import permit.  Car owners that do not have the proper approval can be fined or lose their vehicle.  

If you are traveling to Mexico for a business trip, you will be required to fill out a business form.  In Mexico, you are not allowed to conduct business in the area, without first making your intentions known.  Business travelers are required to fill out a conduct of business form.  If you are self-employed or work for a small company, you will often be responsible for this paperwork.  If you work for a larger, international company, the paperwork may already be taken care of.

Once in Mexico, you are encouraged to use alcohol with caution.  Mexican authorities often arrest individuals that illegal purchase alcohol, cause a public disruption, or drink in areas where alcohol is not permitted.  In the United States, illegal drinking activities are taken serious, but it is nothing compared to Mexico.  All punishments will vary, but you easily spend a number of months or years in jail.  That is why all tourists are encouraged to use their best judgment when alcohol is involved.

While in Mexico, it is likely that you will take risks. For that is what Mexico is all about. There is a difference between taking risks and breaking the laws. It is always important to keep in mind that the laws in Mexico vary from the laws in the United States and other countries.  In addition the laws, the way they are enforced and the punishment for breaking them vary.  

If you are vacationing in Mexico and you find yourself in a predicament with the Mexican authorities, you are urged to contact your nearest embassy.  If you are from the United States, you will need to be in contact with the United States Embassy. By contacting your nearest embassy office, you can seek assistance on what to do next.  

As previously mentioned, the best way to stay out of trouble in Mexico is not to cause it. When partying or participating in other activities, be sure you know what you are doing. When in doubt, it is best to avoid any activities that may land you jail.  If you are interested in learning more about Mexican laws, you can easily do the research online.

Scheduling a Guided Tour in Mexico

Each year, a large number of individuals, couples, and families make the decision to travel to Mexico.  Most have visited Mexico before.  If you are planning a Mexico vacation, and you have never been there before, you may have some concerns.  You may be wondering what places are safe for you to visit.

Mexico is like all other countries.  There are areas that are known as tourists attractions and then there are other areas that tourists are advised to stay away from.  You can easily learn about these areas online.  Researching every city and town in Mexico is a long and daunting process.  To save time and a costly vacation mistake, you are encouraged to examine the benefits of taking a guided Mexico tour.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of booking a guided tour in Mexico is that you will be with a local who is familiar with the area. Guided tours are held in areas that are considered safe.  In addition to showing you around certain areas of Mexico, your tour guide may be able to offer you additional travel tips and suggestions. These suggestions may help you with your vacation after your guide has ended.

If you are interested in taking a guided Mexican tour, you will have to find the tour company which you wish to do business with. There are a large number of guided tour companies in the area.  If you do not have a preference as to which company you'd like to tour with, you may want to first search for a destination.  The destination you select will be important in determining what you will learn and see while on a guided tour.  

Many guided tours take place in Cooper Canyon, the Oaxaca Mountains, the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja.  In Mexico, Baja is most known for its water activities.  Many popular guided tours include whale watching and kayaking. Whether you set out to watch the whales or you select a kayaking tour, you are sure to see Gray whales.  Many times, they will come right up to your boat, making for great pictures or video footage.

Cooper Canyon and the Oaxaca Mountains are guided tours that are ideal for those that love to hike.  To participate in these tours, it is advised that you receive the proper health clearance.  You tour will likely follow trails, but much of the terrain can be rough. The Yucatan Peninsula is ideal for travelers who wish to learn more about the ancient history of Mexico.

The above mentioned destinations in Mexico are just a few of the many.  Guided tours are found all across Mexico.  If there is particular topic or activity that interests you, you are sure to find a guided tour that will offer you excitement.  Hikers often select a hiking tour, boats often opt for boat tours, and history lovers often select tours that focus on the history of Mexico.  

In addition to selecting where youíd like to go on a guided tour, you will also need to determine how long youíd like that tour to be.  In Mexico, guided tours can last as long as one day or over one week.  You should easily be able to determine how long a guided tour is by looking at the price.  Weeklong guided tours can cost thousands of dollars, but most of your accommodations are taken care of.  Some guided tours can be considered all-inclusive vacations.

Journey Mexico, Siesta Tours, and Ufly Mexico are three of the most well-known guided tour companies in Mexico.  You can examine the tours found by these three companies by visiting their online websites or by requesting free travel brochures.  If you are interested in finding additional tours, your local travel agent may be able to offer you assistance.

By selecting a guided tour of Mexico, you do not always have to be looking over your shoulder.  Vacationing in a safe area with an experienced tour guide is about as carefree as your Mexico vacation can get.

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