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The IRAJ is a trusted authority in the world of luxury and taste. Iraj Luxury operates on a different level, with satisfied customers that have grown up listening to their discerning audience's shared appreciation for quality over quantity--as well as an eye-catching design aesthetic lacking from other brands who are too focused on getting you hooked before even showing off what they're putting out there themselves.

Iraj Zolnasr

Iraj has a strong business background and is dedicated to his clients and their needs. He has a degree in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting and Finance as well as a Real Estate Brokers License and Brokers license in Fire and Casualty insurance. His passion is helping high net-worth clients achieve exceptional return on their investments and grow their portfolios.

Omid Saffari

Omid is a freelance Web Designer with an architectural background. He love everything that has to do with E-commerce, Products & Web Design. With his solid industry experience, He know how to help clients solve real business cases and grow their businesses by using design thinking.

Luxury, lifestyle.

We have been providing an insider's perspective on the world of luxury

Luxury can be expensive,

but it doesn't have to be. Here you'll find tips on how to get the best deals and live luxuriously without spending a fortune!
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