5 Watches With The Best Resale Value

If you are fond of luxury watches and you have been looking for the best luxury watches to put on your wrist, then there are many options that you can go with. These watches have differences based on their working mechanism along with the styling and body finishing, which makes them unique in their own way.
If you want to find out which luxury watch is the best for you, then I will share some of the best choices based upon their special functions to help you sort out the top 5 average price watches. Remember, these watches may be from a different brand, but they can make your matching and living standards pretty stylish.

Rado Men's Centrix Automatic Watch with High-Tech Ceramic, Stainless Steel Strap

The best  watch that I prefer in any case is the Rado Men's Centrix Automatic Watch. This watch is one of the best options that you have with its Automatic Open Heart mechanism. It is a Swiss watch that will match your desired necessities of luxury and comfort.


With Rado's Centrix, the sapphire gem adding scratch-safe sparkle to your life will be everything you need. These watches are intended to look great forever where simply the best materials are endorsed for use in Rado watches, making them elegant and luxurious.

Being sturdy isn't sufficient; excellence and solace are also required, which is where this Rado watch truly shines. The company has spearheaded the utilization of innovative ceramic, a material that meets every one of the longings that make a watch simply innovative and beautiful.

The case size of this watch comes with 38mm of size, and the bracelet of the watch is High-tech ceramic Stainless steel. The additional advantage of the watch is its 80 Hours Power Reserve. It is a shock-resistant watch with Thermo capabilities that can adapt with the temperature of your skin.

It is perfect for every skin type and meant to be worn on special events of the day. You won't be feeling disappointed having this luxury watch on your hand because of its scratch-resistant body that stays safe wherever you go. The only problem is, it is a bit high on price.


  • Lightweight
  • Shock resistance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Scratch Resistant


  • It is slightly expensive.

JBW Men's Luxury Jet Setter 2.34 CTW Diamond Wrist Watch 

The JBW Jet Setter is the next addition to this list which is a luxury watch with a portrayal of overflow and marvellousness. For the people who have achieved an advantageous degree of achievement, the Jet Setter is a definitive watch that sparkles splendidly with 234 precious stones and five-time regions mentioned on it.


This Swiss watch comes with a hardened steel band that is precious stone studded and shines superbly in the light. The intense, larger than average 50mm hardened steel case highlights four sub-dials for giving the current time in LA, New York, Paris, and Tokyo while the primary hands show the time at home.

The intense, larger than average 18K gold-plated hardened steel case is 50mm in breadth and elements 234 round-cut white precious stones and a clear adorned dial setting. Users can easily set time on the sub-dials with four extra push-pull settings.

Regardless of whether you are making a trip to Europe, America, Asia, or anyplace all over the planet, JBW Diamond Jet Setter would be a masterpiece on your hand to grab everyone's attention. With thin development and five-time region usefulness, it is designed for precision and made to the best quality of value.

The three-connect wristband is of 18k Gold Plating with fenced-in clasp area that has a place on your wrist. It is water-resistant with up to 50 meters/165 feet. The item is worth your money.


  • 18K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel
  • It is water-resistant for 50 meters
  • 234 Genuine Diamonds on the body
  • Amazing 5 Swiss Quartz Movements


  • No lifetime guarantee.

Movado Men's 0606792 Museum Sport Stainless Steel Watch with Black Dial 

Movado Men's Watch Museum Sport is an amazing choice to consider is stainless steel that has accomplished a tradition of plan advancement. The company has made its name, and this black dial watch adds more to the luxury with its styling and comfort being added to the user's daily use.


This stylish watch comes with a Museum Watch dial that is viewed as a symbol of Modernism. It was planned by Bauhaus craftsman Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. At that time, it was the main watch dial at any point granted this differentiation. The name "Museum Watch" gets from this acknowledgment.

This unbelievable deal is now recognized in most of Movado watches. The Men's Museum Sport has a 44 mm round treated steel case with dark PVD-completed bezel, dark anthracite dial with silver-conditioned inward spot, dauphine hands, and anthracite dim sub-dials with white-tipped hands.

You will find an anthracite dark moment reflector ring, round date show, and orange accents on the watch, giving you a feel of style and elegance. The tempered steel wristband with antireflective sapphire precious stone makes it a scratch-resistant Swiss quartz chronograph watch.


  • Steel body with scratch-resistant quality
  • Orange accents on the three subdials
  • Waterproof
  • Elegant in style


  • It can get broken while swimming.

JBW Luxury Men's Heist J6380 0.20 ctw 20 Diamond Wrist Watch 

Now I will mention another JBW Luxury Watch called the Heist J6380 Diamond Wrist Watch. This option has a beautiful dial on the top that will make you feel like a VIP. The watch has a smooth surface and small textures on the stainless steel case that is scratch resistant as well as water-resistant too.


You will get an analog display on this watch, and it will give you a great Japanese feel with the Quartz movement. The square finished hardened steel case is around 47.5mm in the distance across and highlights 20 precious stones on the dial giving it a beautiful and alarming look.

It is intended for complex watches to commend the exemplary with the extravagant look, which is why this JBW should be your next best pick. The body finished in silver on the wristband accepts the wrist with a 26mm width and 8.5 inch, which is easy to fasten and untie. It is water-resistant with up to 50m/165 feet.

The benefit of getting this watch is that the company offers a solid guarantee on it. While it may not be of choice to many due to wide competition, it is still one of the best luxury watches that you can find.


  • It comes with a diamond-embellished dial
  • It is water-resistant
  • The body of this watch is scratchless, and you get an analog display
  • Two-year guarantee


  • Not as best as other luxury watches.

Fossil Men's Dean Stainless Steel Quartz Dress Chronograph Watch 

The last best luxury watch that I will recommend for you is the Dean Steel Quartz Dress Chronograph watch by Fossil. This brand has been roused all the time by American innovativeness and creativity; this specific watch has been one of the finest designs since 1984. You will now stand apart in your business meetings with this high-quality watch.


This quality watch has a case size of 45mm along with a band size having 22mm. The quartz development with a simple chronograph showcase shows a beautiful dial for your time. The glass that is used on it is solidified mineral gem scratchless glass.

The body of this watch is a two-tone hardened steel case with a silver dial that can be given silver and gold-tone. You will get a treated steel wristband with a fastening setup that is easy to untie as well. It is water-resistant with up to 50m (165ft), and it is reasonable for brief times of sporting, swimming and showering.

The major reason to love Dean's watch is the spotless lines and exemplary shape that produce an unobtrusive and very striking impact to make you stand out in large gatherings. The wheels on the dials are larger, and they look effectively decipherable dial for attraction. Overall, it's a great choice for a reasonable price.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Fine shading and body coating
  • Amazing design


  • Not the best option in comparison.


This was a short review on the top 5 best luxury watches. I have shared information on all the best affordable options for you. For further details, I will share my own recommendations for you.

Best Overall

In my opinion, the best option you have is JBW Jet Setter. It is because this luxury watch has 234 precious stones and five-time regions on it. It is also made of 50mm hardened steel case that highlights four subdials. And one for all, it is 18K gold-plated as well for a very reasonable price.

Expensive but Luxury

If you can pay the expenses and buy a luxury watch, then I recommend Rado Men's Centrix Automatic Watch. It is because this watch is made with the best materials as well as the innovative ceramic that gives it a scratch-resistant body along with a waterproof design. If you have the money, make the right choice.

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March 12, 2023
Iraj Zolnasr
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